Warc.games at IIPC

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At IIPC last week, Jack Cushman (LIL developer) and Ilya Kreymer (former LIL summer fellow) shared their work on security considerations for web archives, including warc.games, a sandbox for developers interested in exploring web archive security. Slides: http://labs.rhizome.org/presentations/security.html#/ Warc.games repo: https://github.com/harvard-lil/warcgames David Rosenthal of Stanford also has a great write-up on the presentation: http://blog.dshr.org/2017/06/wac2017-security-issues-for-web-archives.html

LIL Talks: Synthesizer

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This week Ben Steinberg took us on a strange and magical trip through the world of synthesizers. Ben wasn’t talking about those Casio keyboards we all had as kids: No, he was talking about this kind of thing … a self-built modular synthesizer: Before showing off the hardware, Ben first asked us to ponder: what is… Read more »