Notes from yesterday’s weekly status update meeting:

Paul has loaded 12M records into a relational database, an important step toward putting ShelfLife onto a firm foundation and giving it the ability to assess relevancy by looking at the entire data set. We’re looking into how to make this a generalizable process. In parallel, Ben has started development of a rudimentary API (right now, “version” and “search”), exploring what is needed.

We’re looking at scripts to further automate accessing and extracting circulation data.

Annie is making progress on clustering works by the uniform title field, as well as some other data.This allows ShelfLife to present the reader with all (well, most) of the versions and editions of a book.

We’re looking at additional sources od usage data.

We’re starting to plan how to do focus groups for SL.

We’re talking with an in-house statistician about how to do relevancy ranking better.

Jeff is wire-framing a way of zooming out of StackView to show more book context.