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What’s the Library Innovation Lab?

The Library Innovation Lab is a forward-looking group of thinkers and doers working at the intersection of libraries, technology, and law.

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Transform: Justice is a call to action during an inflection point for the world of open legal data. AI is shaking up the way we all think about the power of information and data. Free, accessible, and comprehensive access to the law is foundational to our democracy, and we believe we’re in a moment when big progress can be made. Learn more here about this public event in March 2024.

Democratizing Open Knowledge

Democratizing Open Knowledge is a three-year program at the Library Innovation Lab to explore the goals articulated in Harvard Library’s Advancing Open Knowledge strategy from a decentralized and generative perspective.

AI Projects

Generative AI offers a defining moment where information archives gain the ability to answer questions about themselves; to act without human intervention; and even to simulate the processes that created them. From our perspective at the lab - where we bring library principles to technological frontiers - anyone who is concerned with information, access, and the law should be aware of and feel empowered to influence the use of generative AIs. We have embarked upon a series of projects in support of that belief.

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Before it’s a project it’s a sketch. Sketches are a way to get a handle on an idea and see where it goes. It’s what’s on our mind. Lend a hand if something here interests you, too.

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