This morning we had a very productive conference call (yes, there are such things, you cynics!) with Steve Midgley about the federal Learning Registry.

The Learning Registry is a new project coming out of the Dept. of Education and the Defense Department, intended to provide easier, smarter access to federal content and beyond. The LR will list sources and provide ways to subscribe to metadata about the content at those sources. (There’s more in this blog post.)

We’d like to be involved in some way because (i) the LR might provide a transport/notification/subscription mechanism for those who want to use the metadata that Library Lab apps will be making available (even though the LR is apparently designed only to give access to metadata about federal content); (ii) the LR may enable our apps to subscribe to metadata from many other sources; (iii) we’d like to help the LR accommodate the needs and gifts of research libraries.

So, we’ll be talking more with Steve and the Learning Registry.