Sorry. A week late with these staff meeting notes :( (Still not sure there’s value in posting them, but that’s not why there was a delay.)

We’re going to look at the Australian national Trove system for metadata standards.

The new Web server is up.

We are working on getting data from Cognos more directly and usefully.

We are continuing to look for a contract developer to help with some legacy projects that are important but are distracting us from tasks more in line with Lil’s mission.

We are working with the Harvard Coop to get a list of books ordered for courses.

We are pretty consistently working with Harvard information systems that were not designed for sharing data across departments. People are being very helpful. But we should be documenting this process because other schools are facing the same issues. We’re going to set up a meeting with one of the main info shops in the school to see how we can collaborate on this.

We are beginning to investigate doing a book locator that shows books in physical maps of a library. This requires numbering the stacks physically. We talked about which library to start with.

StackView is looking at how to visualize multiple subject neighborhoods.

We are continuing to investigate real time notification systems.

We reported on our meeting with Jim Neal, University Librarian of Columbia University, in which we talked about ShelfLife, LibraryCloud, and the possibilities of collaboration.