Read all about it! Library Test Kitchen made the news! Well, more accurately, we made the newsPAPER.

Yes Ma’am that’s right, you counted correctly. We have 16 full beautiful pages, 8 double-wides, of broadside in grayscale with a spot color of cyan. These pages describe in words and pictures the awesome projects of the students. Head on over to the website if you wanna watch the recorded magic.

Linco Printing out of Long Island City NY provided the printing services. Getting assets encoded and laid out appropriately for a two-color job (black and cyan) in photoshop and indesign isn’t trivially quick. But now that I’ve done it once….

Next time (it was too much fun for there not to be a next time), I’m thinking about using Nelson Bernard over at Eagle Printing. They’re prices are good and they’re closer by. Heading out to the Berkshires is always nice.

I feel like newspapers are the anti-code. anti-software.

Most importantly, if you would like one for yourself, please send me an email with your address, and eventually, you’ll get one! jgoldenson(AT)law(DOT)harvard(DOT)edu