We’ve been having fun with the Awesome Box lately. Signage work.

We started low-tech for the two prototype boxes we installed last month. Just a little time in Photoshop and a color printer.

The paper sign has some strengths. It’s low cost and easy to reproduce should it get damaged. But, it really doesn’t scream “Awesome.” If I checked out the paper sign from my local sign lending library, I probably wouldn’t return it to the Awesome Box. Let’s punch up the fun.

How about a sign with lights? Yes, please.

We’ve rigged up an Arduino with a photoresistor and wired that to a few LEDs. Those LEDs get routed into a sheet of plexiglass and then sandwiched between a couple of sheets of aluminum. Place a book inside, trip the sensor, and smile.

(The wires and the rest of the circuit will be cleaned up and hidden in the base of the Awesome Box.)

For situations in which the LED-based sign is not a good fit, we’re putting together an aluminum and felt sign. The thick felt will be sandwiched between two aluminum arrows much like the LED sign. Fun and stable.

Stan Cotreau in the Harvard Physics Machine Shop has been helping us fabricate the aluminum and plexi. Thanks, Stan.