My name is Jessica and I’m hanging out at here for the summer to work on a Library Lab project called Time/Slice. The idea behind it is that activity and events are part of the “data” associated with a community, but that there is no one responsible for organizing/archiving/analyzing them as such. Time/Slice is a digital bulletin board for a physical place (eg a school or neighborhood) which can be housed in the library associated with that community. It takes event submissions via email with photo/video attachments. It can also pull in video of previous events (from youtube/vimeo feeds, etc.) Everything is added and sorted automatically.

I started the project in the Library Test Kitchen course with Jeff last semester, focusing on the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Loeb Library. I ended up with a prototype that is functional but pretty buggy. You can still check it out here. (The animated blocks are entirely the work of the awesome isotope jQuery plugin.)

time/slice prototype

There were a couple of problems with it that I’m working on fixing now: speed, storing images, navigability, and a whole lot of bugs. There are also issues around how much volume it can be expected to handle, and it needs to have an easy interface for whoever’s in charge to edit content.

current version screenshot current version as of this morning. not too pretty yet, eh?

I’ll post a link to what I’m working on now when it’s a little more stable.