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I love the whole relevance by adjacency logic that libraries rely on. Similar things are next to each other. But libraries only do this with books. Can’t we do it with more media types?

Media Wall: A gestalt, walk-by browsing experience. No headphones required.

I’ve been curious about this idea of a Media Wall for a while. A walk-along stack interlacing the “push” of motion media with the more “pull” required of print media. Then, couple weeks back, I was at a friend’s place, and he basically had the arrangement already in place (plus toy storage for his sons).

Here’s the professional sound dome technology:

Single Localizer Sound Dome Demonstration Video from Brown Innovations, Inc.

You can also imagine handing over this audio/video/shelf space infrastructure to an artist or class and see it used in unexpected ways.

This past weekend I went through two iterations. I first got a rough protoype going in the basement. I used one of the old LABRARY lamps from Ikea.

Then got a second version (using different speaker) working on a bookshelf. Plus tried to lay down some yoga mats for acoustic dampening.

All in all, the sound domes I created worked poorly at best. It seems brown innovations is doing more than throwing a speaker in a salad bowl.

Here’s a bit of science fiction. I improved my sound dome’s sound localization performance in post. It doesn’t work this well. But further illustrates effect.

Next steps?