people want to talk on their cell phones when they’re working in the library. let’s accommodate these desires by providing secure and private talking spaces


what is the shape of a private talking space in a library? we don’t know, but we’re thinking hard and talking to a lot of different folks that know how libraries are used

maybe the space ends up being a phone booth from the recent past, or maybe it’s a hood that lowers over a carrell, or maybe it’s an interstitial passageway with a sound deadening ceiling, or maybe it’s simply a heavy curtain that you can pull around you, or maybe it’s something else

the team

we’re collaborating with WorkShop to understand how people want to talk on their phones in libraries. once we gain some understanding, we’ll fabricate a solution for the Harvard Law School Library (and beyond!)

the team conversing

we kicked this effort off a few days ago with a charrette and a tour of the HLSL physical space, Langdell hall

phone zone sign

please toss an email our way if you know of other folks that have thought about private talking spaces. we’ll keep you in the loop as we think, design, and build 💚