We’ve been working hard on our Private Talking Spaces effort. Lots of thinking about how to create equity in shared spaces in libraries. Lots of thinking about how to increase focus for folks talking on phones (and maintain the focus of those around them not talking on phones). Lots of thinking about where private talking spaces might be located in libraries. So much thinking!!

Much of the labor has been contributed by our collaborator, Nic Schumann, at Work-Shop. Part of the Private Talking Spaces team — Anastasia Aizman, Matt Phillips, Ben Steinberg, and Tiff Tseng — visited Nic in Providence this week.

We started in Work-Shop’s building and had the opportunity to see what remained of the recent [Uncommissioned show].(http://uncommissioned.thedesignoffice.org/)


We then played with Work-Shop’s phone booth. Fantastic!!


A quick walk down the street led us to RISD’s Fleet Library. I’m still filled with inspiration a day later.


So many thoughtful spaces in the Fleet Library including these little study cubbies.


We wrapped up the day by taking the scenic route to the train station. ❤️ Providence.