Adam shared two different topics on February 24, 2017 — Mardi Gras and how to be deposed.

Adam grew up in New Orleans and it was clear from his talk that the gravity of MG still pulled on him.

Adam reviewed the history of the yearly celebration and highlighted the fascinating tradition of the social orgs that fuel the celebration — the krewes.

The thing that stuck with me a week later as i reflect on Adam’s talk — Mardi Gras is different things to different people. For wild, party seeking, spring breakers, it’s one thing. And, for families that march as high school band members, and for community leaders (in and far away from the French Quarter) that network by shaking a ten thousand hands — it’s another thing.

Hard Right Turn — It’s a two for one talk today!!

Adam also used his experience as a practicing litigator to instruct us on how to behave when being deposed. Fascinating!! Adam shared his guidelines — something like, 1/ tell the truth; 2/ take your time when responding to the question; 3/ only respond to the question by being focused in your response.

We watched three entertaining and engrossing depositions — Joe Jamail, Lil Wayne (oh, I wish he had a library rhyme. please, please, please toss us a bone Lil wayne!!), Donald Trump — and enjoyed king cake and coffee!