In 2019 we embarked on the CAP Roadshow. This year, we shared the Caselaw Access Project at conferences and workshops with new friends and colleagues.

Between February and May 2019, we made the following stops at conferences and workshops:

Next stop on the road will be UNT Open Access Symposium from May 17 - 18 at University of North Texas College of Law. See you there!

On the road we were able to connect the Caselaw Access Project with new people. We were able to share where data comes from, what kinds of questions we can ask when we have the machine readable data to do it, and all the new ways that you’re all building and learning with Caselaw Access Project data to see the landscape of U.S. legal history in new ways.

The CAP Roadshow doesn’t stop here! Share Caselaw Access Project data with a colleague to keep the party going.

CAP Roadshow