A Million Squandered: The “Million Dollar Homepage” as a Decaying Digital Artifact

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In 2005, British student Alex Tew had a million-dollar idea. He launched www.MillionDollarHomepage.com, a website that presented initial visitors with nothing but a 1000×1000 canvas of blank pixels. At the cost of $1/pixel, visitors could permanently claim 10×10 blocks of pixels and populate them however they’d like. Pixel blocks could also be embedded with URLs… Read more »

Doc Searls loves librarians

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Doc Searls has a brief post about wandering his way around the world and across the decades thanks to librarians, archivists, and the good folks of New Zealand. Btw, be sure to click on the link to what Doc calls his “favorite family photo of all time.”

Dan Gillmor on archiving the Net

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Dan Gillmor has a good post at Salon about archiving the Net, spurred by meetings at the Library of Congress. I’m especially interested in his comments — pointing to a post by Dave Winer — about the role of long-lived institutions, including universities. Have we all concluded at this point that there is no hope… Read more »