Project: H2O

Where can I find H2O?

What does H2O do?

H2O is a platform for creating, sharing, and remixing open course materials.

Why does H2O exist?

Traditional textbooks, especially legal casebooks, are heavy, expensive and inflexible.

Project Contributors

Past and current

Tom Boone Faculty Services Librarian Catherine Brobston Product and Research Manager Brennan Chesley Developer Rebecca Cremona Senior Software Engineer Emma Cushman Contributing developer Jack Cushman Director Liza Daly Technologist in Residence Kelly Fitzpatrick Research Associate Casey Gruppioni Developer Varun Iyer 2022 Summer Research Assistant Brett Johnson Outreach and Support Seonghee Lee 2022 Summer Research Assistant Greg Leppert Product and Research Director Dustin Lewis Project Manager Clare Stanton Product and Research Manager Ben Steinberg DevOps Shailin Thomas Affiliate, Berkman Center for Internet & Society Adam Ziegler Director Jonathan Zittrain Harvard Faculty and Law School Library Director