I’m sharing more highlights from this year’s Ars Electronica Festival. See part one for more highlights.

Animated restroom sign — The men’s bathroom had the best sign ever! I’ve never been so delighted by a bathroom sign. Playful and fun use of a projector and an animation.

Interface I by Ralf Baecker — A red horizontal line is adjusted up and down the vertical axis to make a fluid line graph irl. The horizontal line seems to be controlled by hundreds of little motors moving thin clear cable up and down. Gorgeously lit and placed in a large dark room.

Single Stroke Structures by Takahiro Hasegawa and Yasuaki Kakehi — make temporary structures (maybe even phone booths!?!) out of strategically crimped, inflated plastic tubing. How amazing would it be to keep a shed in your backpack?



Highlight by Jussi Ängeslavä, Michael Burk, Iohanna Nicenboim — direct light using a lampshade. 3D printing allows for the matching of shade with the room — direct light where you want it.

Photosynth printing — print on plants. Mask the leaf and expose the rest to light that causes alters the photosynth process.